Bunion Aid® Treatment Splint

The Flexible Splint for Bunion Correction, Bunion Pain Relief
and Post Bunion Surgery Rehabilitation

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Award Winning, German-engineered Bunion Splint
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Bunion ProblemHallux valgus, the medical term for bunion, is a mal-alignment of the two bones that form the base joint of the big toe. Aside from being unsightly, untreated bunions can be painful and may lead to gait problems.

Bunion ProblemBunion Aid effectively treats the underlying causes of a bunion deformity. Its mid-foot strap and corrective arch support stabilizes the longitudinal arch and transverse arch while the toe strap pulls the big toe away from the second toe gradually. The metatarsal pad, placed behind the ball of the foot, helps align the transverse arch. The patented hinged mechanism enables the big toe to flex while walking and helps restore the natural alignment of the foot.

Before Bunion AidBefore Bunion Aid®
Intermetatarsal Angle: 16 degrees
Hallux valgus Angle: 40 degrees

After Bunion AidAfter Bunion Aid®
Intermetatarsal Angle: 10 degrees
Hallux valgus Angle: 19 degrees

Walk into bunion reliefTreat your Bunion. Become Active Again.
Suffering from painful bunions? You're not alone. More than half of all American women - and a significant number of men - walk with uncomfortable bunions every day. Now, with Bunion Aid, relief is just a step away!

Bunion Aid is the first day and night comfort splint designed to prevent and correct big toe mal-positioning, offering pain relief from bunions. Developed by German scientists and orthopedists, Bunion Aid is a Hallux valgus splint that can be worn both at night and during the day.

Bunion Aid is the only therapeutic hinged splint that combines the comfort of a soft splint with the corrective support of a rigid night splint.

  • Wear day or night, while walking or resting
  • Thin and light-weight, wear barefoot or in socks around the house
  • One size fits most, left or right foot; professional fitting is not necessary.
  • High-quality hinge and hook & loop straps are long lasting and washable.


Avoid Bunion SurgeryFlexible, Hinged Splint for Post-Surgical Care
Severe bunions often require bunion surgery. Post-surgical care with Bunion-Aid:

  • helps reduce rehab time
  • maintains surgical fixation
  • prevents the recurrence of the bunion
  • straightens surgical over-correction ( Hallux varus )


This flexible and supportive splint stabilizes the alignment of the big toe and allows the surgical area to heal through the range of motion. Ongoing use of Bunion Aid provides mid-foot support and keeps the big toe straight, preventing the reappearance of a bunion after surgery.

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