Biodegradable shoes may be boon or bust for the bunioned

The Daily Mail recently featured an article on cheap, biodegradable running shoes. 

Biodegradable shoes may be boon or bust for the bunioned If the idea of barefoot running appeals to you but makes you cringe when thinking about the bacteria on the ground, there may be a solution for you. The Daily Mail recently published an article on a pair of shoes by One Moment that are just 2 millimeters thick and made of biodegradable material.

The point is that they're supposed to help runners attain barefoot running performance while not actually going out sans shoes.

Experts remain split on whether barefoot running is superior to jogging with shoes. But the news source spoke with a proponent of the minimalist activity, Daniel Howell, an anatomy and physiology professor at Liberty University.

"Walking and running are extremely complicated from a biomechanical perspective ... and if you add a device to your foot, it alters it," said Howell.

A report in the journal Nature suggests that barefoot runners may improve their biomechanics, but that the practice often leads to forefoot landing, which may not be good for individuals with bunions. People with the bony deformity may want to conduct a trial-and-error experiment to see whether they are helped by ditching their shoes when running.

Additionally, they should consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which can help correct bunions or hammer toe without bunion surgery

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