Shopping smart for high heels may prevent bunions

There's more to shoe shopping than seeking out pretty styles.

Shopping smart for high heels may prevent bunions An article in details advice from a fashion consultant on buying a comfortable, well-fitted pair of high heels, which is especially important for individuals with bunions.

Expert Anna Bingemer-Lehr told the news source that a sure sign that a woman should choose a different pair of heels is if she doesn't appear stable or graceful while walking in them.

"When high heels make a woman walk hunched over and leaning forward, it will ruin the look of the prettiest shoes," Bingemer-Lehr said, quoted by

The consultant recommended that shoppers look at a shoe standing on its own before purchasing a pair. The footwear should be able to sit up without falling over or tilting, and that both the sole and heel should appear stable.

An article in Podiatry Today reports that a good fit is especially important when choosing high heels, and that women may want to prioritize a proper fit over a good sale price.

Using bunion splints or orthotics regularly may reduce the appearance of bony deformities, which can help high heels and flats alike fit like a glove.

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