Naturalizer recalls shoe that may pose hazard to bunion sufferers

A shoe company has issued a recall on a model of footwear with an unstable heel. 

Naturalizer recalls shoe that may pose hazard to bunion sufferers Individuals who purchased the Naturalizer Dare patent leather shoe should head back to the store to return the footwear, as the manufacturer has issued a recall due to a malfunction in the shoe's heel. The defect has caused one minor leg injury so far.

The shoes come in gray, beige, black or red and have a bow at the tip of the peep toe. They also appear to have a sturdy heel with a conservative height, which may have attracted ladies with bunions who were looking for a supportive holiday shoe.

However, the heel on the model has a tendency to bend to one side, hence the recall.

An article in the Wall Street Journal made some recommendations for bunion-friendly high heels, including shoes made by Cole Haan and Taryn Rose. The news source reported that women with bunions should seek shoes with a low, stable heel and plenty of room in the toe box.

Individuals may also be able to reduce the appearance of their bony deformities with bunion splints or orthotics, which may eventually allow ladies to wear a wider variety shoes.


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