Homeless man uses credit card illegally to get his bunions buffed

A Florida man reportedly used a stolen credit card to get a pedicure. 

Homeless man uses credit card illegally to get his bunions buffedUpon discovering a credit card on the sidewalk, some poverty stricken individuals may be tempted to use it to buy food, water or clothing. But a recent media report suggests that nice looking feet are also a priority for some.

According to CBS Tampa, a homeless 27-year-old man in Volusia County used a credit card that he found on the sidewalk to get a pedicure at a local salon.

The man, Jonah Lee Troutman, was charged with illegal use of a credit card and petty theft. He told police that finding the card was a "blessing from God," the news source reported.

For individuals lucky enough to have never experienced homelessness, Troutman's actions may seem silly. However, a book titled Homelessness, Health and Human Needs by the Institute of Medicine reports that people with no housing experience an array of foot problems – from bunions to fungal infections - at a rate much higher than that of the general population. This likely stems from a lack of quality footwear, according to the book.

People who want to give to the less fortunate this winter may want to consider donating shoes, bunion splints or orthotics to their local shelters.


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