Rubbing grandma's bunions may boost her self esteem

Old people are often embarrassed by their foot conditions, but taking care of feet is essential. 

Rubbing grandma's bunions may boost her self esteem Recently, the New York Times published a blog post about caregiving for the elderly, and stressed the importance of taking care of feet in old age.

The author, Susan Seliger, wrote that bunions, corns, fungus-stricken toenails and calluses plague the older generations, who are often embarrassed by their foot conditions. Moreover, a lack of flexibility makes it difficult for seniors to take care of their own feet.

The article stated that clipping nails, moisturizing feet and exfoliating calluses can be a major self-esteem boost for aging individuals.

"It’s sort of like being at the hairdresser for them – it’s amazing what will come out," said Serena Merrill, a foot care nurse, quoted by the news source.

An article that was published earlier this year in the journal Arthritis Care and Research revealed that bunions and hammer toe occur more often in older women.

These reports suggest that purchasing bunion splints or orthotics for an aging loved one may not only help their foot conditions, but perhaps make them feel a little bit better about themselves – and a nice massage wouldn't hurt, either.

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