Zappos makes it easier to obtain bunions

An online shoe retailer launched a digital magazine. 

Zappos makes it easier to obtain bunions Zappos has gained popularity in recent years as it has made purchasing bunion-inducing and comfortable shoes alike easy, in addition to offering about every brand of shoes out there.

Now, the web retailer has launched Zappos Now, an online magazine about fashion and lifestyle available for the iPad and other mobile devices.

Additionally, the feature allows users to shop on their tablet and get free next business day shipping.

Individuals with bunions who purchase shoes online should be careful to look for sites that offer free returns and exchanges, since fit and support are key in maintaining comfort when you have a bony deformity. It's also a good idea to make note of which brands are most suitable for bunions or hammer toe, and which sizes fit best.

The Bunion Aid by Alpha Orthotics can be conveniently purchased online and is adjustable to fit feet of all sizes, making it a safe web purchase. The splint works by correcting dysfunction of the big toe joint, gradually straightening it out.

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