Does a British pop star keep shoes in the fridge to ease bunion pain?

A gossip website takes an off-hand remark and runs with it.

Does a British pop star keep shoes in the fridge to ease bunion pain? Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole was recently interviewed by Grazia magazine and told the news source that her shoe hoarding problem has gotten to the point where she's keeping footwear in the refrigerator. 

Gossip website couldn't resist commenting on her self-professed obsession.

"Not only will it save you valuable wardrobe space, but the coolness will be extra soothing on your bunions and you can conveniently use ham slices from the above shelf as insoles if necessary," according to the website.

While the thought of using lunchmeat in place of an orthotic may seem revolting, the gossip source is correct in their assertion that chronically wearing high heels can cause bunions. The American Academy of Orthopaedic surgeons reports that proper footwear can make all the difference for a person with bunions.

Individuals with the bony deformity may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics in order to help reduce the appearance of bunions or hammer toe before they require painful surgery.


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