Injury underscores need for bunion splints for soccer players

A star soccer player recently returned to his sport after foot surgery. 

Injury underscores need for bunion splints for soccer players British soccer player Elliot Grandin is set to return to his team, the Seasiders, following a series of issues with his foot, according to the Blackpool Gazette. 

Apparently, the athlete sustained injuries which required surgical correction. Following the operation, Grandin experienced some difficultly on the field, but the team manager reports that he's almost ready to return to the game.

“He is in much less pain on the ball of his foot, where my mum got her bunions, near your big toe! As anyone who plays football knows, that is where you strike the ball and move off from," said manager Ian Holloway, quoted by the news source.

A National Institutes of Health study revealed that conservative bunion treatment may be the way to go with athletes, because bunion surgery can cause stiffness in the big toe joint, which may affect performance. Methods of non-invasive treatment include bunion splints and orthotics 

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