Lifelong ballet dancer has bunions to show for her success

A news article chronicles the careers of four ballerinas.

Lifelong ballet dancer has bunions to show for her success The Telegraph recently featured a report on dancers who have had the honor of being a part of the UK's Royal Ballet, telling the story of four ballerinas – ages 19, 23, 35 and 77 – and how their careers progressed from childhood to their current stage. 

Anya Sainsbury was the eldest of the featured dancers, so she was the only one who was able to tell readers what a lifetime of dancing on point can do to a person's feet.

"Naturally, I can’t demonstrate like I used to," Sainsbury said, quoted by the news source. "Of course I got bunions from pointe work – all dancers do – but luckily I don’t suffer from arthritis, the odd twinge but not much."

Pointe Magazine concurs that bunions are common among ballerinas, but that there are ways for these dancers to cope with their bony deformities. First, the news source recommends training for proper foot alignment and landing mechanics. Additionally, well-fitting shoes may prevent bunion progression.

Since bunion surgery can reduce flexibility in a person's foot, this operation is only recommended as a last resort option for dancers and athletes. Bunion splints or orthotics may help reduce the appearance of bunions and hammer toe sans surgery. 

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