Bunion pain so bad you could curse? Go ahead.

Research reveals the pain-relieving benefits of letting out a swear word once in a while. 

Bunion pain so bad you could curse? Go ahead. When bunions progress and begin rubbing against the inside of shoes, causing a stiff toe joint or hindering landing mechanics, they can induce some pretty significant pain

A new study from Keele University researchers in the UK suggest that when this discomfort gets so bad that a bunion sufferer want to curse out loud, they should let go of their inhibitions because swearing may have a mild pain-relieving effect.

However, people shouldn't get carried away with this finding – especially if there are children around – because it was found that individuals who swear often throughout the day gained no pain-dulling effects from letting out a curse word.

"Our research suggests that swearing is a useful part of language that can help us express strong emotions or react to high-pressure situations. However, it would be wise only to swear in moderation as overuse of swearing seems to water down this effect," said researcher Richard Stephens.

In order to keep from developing bad habits, individuals may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics to help correct their bunions or hammer toe.

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