Aging runners should engage in specific training

A study reveals that older people who run may be in need of strength training. 

Aging runners should engage in specific training Seniors who continue to enjoy running into their golden years are making good efforts toward maintaining overall health as they get older. However, they are also at risk of bunions and may not be capable of running as efficiently as their younger counterparts. 

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire suggest that older runners should engage in strength training to improve their ability to efficiently use oxygen as they run.

"For the runners over age 60, it's physiologically more difficult to run at that speed, even though the absolute oxygen uptake value is the same as a younger runner," said lead author Timothy Quinn.

The team recommended strengthening both the upper and lower body in order for older runners to gain the muscle mass needed to propel them when they're running.

Maintaining strong leg muscles may also keep landing mechanics balanced, which can prevent the development or progression of bunions.

Aging runners who are prone to bunions may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics as a non-invasive method to correct or prevent the bony deformities.

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