Foot models need to remain bunion-free

Foot modeling can be lucrative, but not with bunions or hammer toe. 

Foot models need to remain bunion-freeNot all models strut the runway as head-to-toe examples of physical perfection. Some ladies make a good living by showing off one particularly attractive body part, such as the feet or hands. 

An article in the Daily Mail features six women who are using their best features to their advantage as eye, hand, lip, foot and leg models.

Kayko Andrieux lives in West London and earns the equivalent of $1,550 per day by showing off her lovely feet, something that traditional models tend to lack.

"Fortunately for me, most catwalk models have ugly feet - with bunions and corns from years of squeezing them into ill-fitting shoes, not good when Prada or Louboutin are unveiling that season’s new range," said Andrieux, quoted by the news source.

There are even agencies that specialize in seeking out foot models. For instance, Flash Foot Modeling is a Manhattan-based company that has been around for more than 20 years.

Ladies whose bunions are getting in the way of otherwise picture perfect feet should consider using bunion splints or orthotics in order to help correct their bony deformity without bunion surgery, which can leave an unsightly scar.

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