Court of appeals rules in favor of employer in bunion case

A South Carolina woman sued her employer for giving her bunions, and lost. 

Court of appeals rules in favor of employer in bunion case Radiologist Julie Landry sued her employer in 2008, alleging that her bunions were greatly exacerbated as a result of being on her feet all day. Initially, the court ruled for the South Carolina woman, awarding her a total of $21,685 in damages stemming from bunion treatment, orthotics and disability benefits. 

Landry's employer, Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS), appealed the case recently and won.

An appellate panel ruled that Landry's bunions – which she developed at age 13 – were not caused directly by her job, nor was the pain she was experiencing. A review of the original deposition revealed that the plaintiff had admitted to having bunion pain prior to her employment with CHS.

Before being dismissed from her position at CHS, Landry had bunion surgery on both feet, leading her to take time off work.

According to, bunions occur in about 3 percent of the population younger than 30, a total of 9 percent of people aged 21 to 60, and the condition has a 16 percent prevalence in people older than 60.

Individuals who want to avoid double bunionectomy may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which are far less expensive than lawyers.

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