Pregnancy hormone may be responsible for bunions

Some women develop bunions during pregnancy and hormonal changes may be the reason. 

Pregnancy hormone may be responsible for bunions It's often been thought that the extra weight women carry when they are pregnant is the reason why some of them develop bunions during gestation. While this may be part of the problem, hormonal changes can also make expectant mothers more prone to the foot condition. 

Recently, podiatrist Steve Rosenberg wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about bunions and bone spurs. He explained that the hormone relaxin is released in the body during pregnancy to soften weight-bearing ligaments in the pelvis. Unfortunately, the hormone may affect the foot as well.

"It also affects the ligaments in the arch of the foot which can cause them to stretch and the foot may get longer and wider. Therefore, over the course of a pregnancy feet can change a shoe size becoming larger," Rosenberg wrote.

This may mean bunions for women who are predisposed to the bony deformity. reports that the hormone can also make walking and balancing more difficult as the muscles, joints and ligaments become softer.

This suggests that pregnant women may want to consider investing in bunion splints or orthotics to avoid the foot conditions during their nine months of gestation.

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