Bunion pain masked more serious injury for Kelly Osbourne

If your bunions cause constant pain, let Kelly's story be a cautionary tale. 

Bunion pain masked more serious injury for Kelly Osbourne Reality show star Kelly Osbourne has been outspoken about her bunions since her stint on Dancing with the Stars, helping people come to terms with their bony deformity and realize that it is relatively common. 

Now, Ozzy Osbourne's daughter is sharing a cautionary tale of how her bunion-related stress fractures went untreated as she hit the treadmill hard this past year.

"So, apparently, I've been walking around on a broken foot for weeks without realizing something was wrong. My feet always hurt because of my bunions, but started to feel it in my ankle and knee and it turns out I had a couple of stress fractures," Osbourne said, according to media reports.

According to the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, stress fractures are relatively common in the metatarsal bone, and the injury often manifests itself as pain on the top of the foot. If these small cracks are not treated in promptly, they can fracture the entire bone.

Individuals with bunions should be cognizant of any changes in foot pain they experience. Additionally, using bunion splints or orthotics regularly may help reduce the appearance of the bony deformity and take pressure off the metatarsal bone.

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