Bunion correction may be a necessary prerequisite for Piloxing

There's a new fitness craze in town, but it requires nimble toes. 

Bunion correction may be a necessary prerequisite for Piloxing Piloxing is a new exercise trend that blends high-energy boxing with muscle-toning Pilates. Developed by former Swedish bodybuilder Viveca Jensen, the exercise is geared toward women who want to tone their bodies while having fun. 

Writer Judy Kirkwood tested out the new fitness craze and wrote about it on the blog ThirdAge.com.

"The routine empowers women with its boxing jabs and boost to quick-on-your-feet agility. It can incorporate the use of weighted gloves, which add to arm strength and maximize cardiovascular health, but you don’t have to wear gloves," Kirkwood wrote.

According to the Piloxing website, the exercise has gained many dedicated followers, including celebrities and starlets. It's no wonder, since the workout aims to burn fat and sculpt muscle, toning the core, arms and legs.

However, it hardly seems safe to do all that ducking and weaving with bunions, since the bony deformity is known to hinder landing mechanics. As a result, ladies who want to give Piloxing a try may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics first in an attempt to regain full flexibility in their toes.

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