Katie Holmes wears bunion-inducing heels to yoga

The case of Katie Holmes gets even more confusing. 

Katie Holmes wears bunion-inducing heels to yoga In the past few years, many have raised an eyebrow at the antics of celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who have a tendency to dress their daughter Suri in heels that put her at risk of bunions

Now, Holmes has been spotted wearing suede ankle booties with ragged gray sweatpants to yoga class. The ensemble is confusing, to say the least, but it may also give her bunions to match Suri's.

Towering heels are known to exacerbate bunions or hammer toe due to the pressure they put on the forefoot, which may force the metatarsophalangeal joint outward, forming a bunion.

Unfortunately for Holmes, many women (and men!) find it difficult to perform yoga poses with bunions, since they hinder the toes' flexibility.

As a result, the actress may want to consider investing in bunion splints or orthotics, which may help reduce the appearance of bony deformities without the need for bunion surgery. Luckily, little Suri may also be able to use the Bunion Aid, since it adjusts to fit feet of many sizes. 

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