Stretches may alleviate bunion pain

Simple exercises may keep toes nimble.

Stretches may alleviate bunion pain Bunions often lead to stiffness in the joint of the big toe that can even affect the smaller toes, sometimes causing them to curl under into a hammer toe. But just like yoga stretching can keep the back, legs and arms flexible, foot exercises can help keep toes nimble. 

An article on reports that women who wear high heels on a regular basis may experience foot pain as a result of their footwear choices. Additionally, these ladies may experience tight Achilles tendons. A good way to stretch out this body part is to lean on a wall with one foot about 18 inches behind the other for about 90 seconds.

Additionally, the article reports that tracing letters of the alphabet in the air can improve flexibility in the toes and ankle.

The Mayo Clinic recommends pulling the feet toward you gently by the toes, holding until a good stretching sensation is felt. Picking up a towel with the toes may also help retain function and flexibility in the phalanges.

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