Arthritic bunions may signal higher risk of fractures

A new study reveals that rheumatoid arthritis may increase the chances of bone fractures. 

Arthritic bunions may signal higher risk of fractures Older women are at risk of broken bones due to conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. Moreover, if these ladies have bunions, they may be more prone to falls. Unfortunately, a new study conducted at the Mayo Clinic has more bad news for women with joint issues. 

In the study, researchers determined that even women younger than 50 are at a high risk of fractures when compared to male counterparts and females their age without arthritis.

Authors of the study said that women who have risk factors for fractures should be aware of their status in order to prevent falls and breakages.

"Understanding what contributes to the risk for fractures for all with rheumatoid arthritis, including young women, would help us better prevent them," said lead researcher Shreyasee Amin, M.D.

In addition to taking all prescribed medications and treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, women who experience bunions stemming from this condition may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics. These devices have been shown to reduce the appearance of bony deformities without the need for drugs or bunion surgery.

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