Basketball players should be wearing bunion splints during shutdown

Bunions can throw off an athlete's game, so shutdown time should be used wisely. 

Basketball players should be wearing bunion splints during shutdown Professional basketball players put a lot of stress on their feet as a result of running and frequent sudden stops, motions which are known to induce bunions or hammer toe. As a result, NBA members may want to consider taking advantage of the current shutdown to use bunion splints or orthotics. 

ESPN reports that the NBA Players Association is scheduled to meet with league officials to resume labor negotiations that have stalled due to disagreements.

The season was supposed to begin on Nov. 1, and in the absence of pre-season games, fans are at a loss of entertainment. However, this could turn out to be advantageous for NBA players.

Bunion correction can help athletes regain full motion in their feet, assisting with speed and nimbleness. Non-invasive treatments may be the best course of action for professional players, since a surgery may leave them with a limited range of motion.

During the NBA shutdown, athletes should consider using bunion splints or orthotics in order to make the upcoming season their best.

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