Soaking your bunions in alcohol will not give you a buzz

Researchers debunk the myth that one can become inebriated via the foot. 

Soaking your bunions in alcohol will not give you a buzz Apparently, there's been a rumor going around in Denmark for quite some time that soaking the feet in alcohol can get a person drunk. 

A team of researchers at the country's Hillerod Hospital examined whether this myth is true, noting that it was an important theory to test in order to keep young people from wasting their time and alcoholic beverages.

The scientists asked three volunteers to soak their feet in vodka – Karloff, to be exact – and report their feelings of drunkenness at three intervals during the three-hour trial. They rated themselves based on urges to speak, confidence levels and desire to spontaneously hug people, the authors noted. At the end of the study, all volunteers remained sober.

"The Danish urban myth about being able to get drunk by submerging feet in strong alcoholic beverages is just that; a myth," said lead author Peter Lommer Kristensen.

In case anyone was wondering, this technique will also do nothing to cure bunions or hammer toe. These bony deformities require bunion splints or orthotics to help correct the misalignment of toe joints.

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