Opting for bunion surgery for cosmetic purposes may not be a good idea

Considering bunions surgery so Louboutins fit better? Think again. 

Opting for bunion surgery for cosmetic purposes may not be a good idea Many women are willing to go under the knife to alter their cosmetic appearance, whether it be for a slimmer nose or to eliminate a protruding bunion. But, as your mother said, just because people are doing it doesn't mean it is a good idea. 

There are an estimated 30 different types of bunion surgery, according to podiatrist Ed Davis, who wrote an article for the Sacramento Bee.

As a result, it can be easy for a surgeon to wrongly identify the cause of a bunion and perform an inappropriate operation, which may lead to bunion recurrence.

"Often, it is procedure choice that is actually more important than surgical technique in obtaining a good result. Be cautious of advertisements for a particular procedure because there is no specific procedure that works best for all," Davis noted.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that the risks of bunion surgery include infection, recurrence, nerve damage and continued pain.

The best course of action may be to try conservative methods of bunion correction before resorting to surgery. Bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to reduce the appearance of bunions or hammer toe sans scalpels. 

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