Could your job be causing your bunions?

Many people spend 40 hours per week on their feet, which may lead to fallen arches, bunions or hammer toe.

Could your job be causing your bunions? An article in the Huffington Post begs the question of whether people's occupations may be more of a hazard than an advantage. Pain specialist Peter Abaci, M.D., reported that considering the fact that many people spend more time at work than anywhere else, it makes sense that working conditions can make a significant impact on health. 

The doctor cited statistics from the Institute of Medicine, which states that lost productivity stemming from pain costs the country between $297 billion and $335 billion each year.

Cedars-Sinai reports that standing for prolonged periods of time can make bunions worse. This means that medical professionals, retail workers, hairstylists, servers, bartenders and certain manufacturing employees are all at risk of bunions. While the medical source reports that people should avoid activities that exacerbate their foot conditions, it is hardly feasible for people to stop working because of their bunions.

However, wearing bunion splints or orthotics after a long day at work may help gradually correct the bony deformities as well as reduce pain stemming from bunions or hammer toe.

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