UK surgeon develops new method of bunion surgery

Bunion surgery is pricey and painful, but for certain people in need of the operation, a new form of correction may help. 

UK surgeon develops new method of bunion surgery Many people with bunions are not good candidates for bunion surgery because the risks of the operation outweigh any negative impact of their bony deformity, which is often merely a cosmetic issue. 

Moreover, the procedure can be costly, so people should carefully consider all of their options for bunion correction before going under the knife.

However, for people whose bunions cause seriously impaired mobility, bunion surgery may be the best course of action. The Daily Mail reports that a surgeon in the UK has developed a technique that involves cutting a keyhole in the affected foot and installing screws in the deformed joint to hold it in proper position.

‘It is very important that this new technique is performed by a specialist foot and ankle surgeon who has extensive experience of all open bunion surgery techniques, which form the basis for this operation," said Joel Vernois, M.D., quoted by the news source.

Bunion splints or orthotics may help ensure proper healing following a bunion operation, which may prevent a recurrence of the bony deformity.

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