Yoga may help alleviate pain stemming from bunions

Bunions have a tendency to lead to lower back pain as a result of hindered landing mechanics, but yoga might help. 

Yoga may help alleviate pain stemming from bunions People with bunions often experience a number of related conditions, including knee problems and lower back pain. This is due to the fact that they often adopt a funny way of walking in order to accommodate their bony deformity. 

In addition to using bunion splints or orthotics regularly in an effort to correct bunions or hammer toe, people can use different exercises to alleviate pain associated with their foot conditions.

For instance, a team of scientists at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle conducted a study which revealed that yoga and other stretching exercises can effectively alleviate back pain.

"Self-management strategies, like exercise, are particularly appealing because they are relatively safe, inexpensive, and accessible and may have beneficial effects on health beyond those for back pain," wrote the study authors.

Individuals with bunions who have already discovered the many benefits of the exercise may improve their practice by using bunion splints or orthotics, which may correct the foot conditions without the need for bunion surgery.

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