New shoes may prevent wandering in the elderly, ease bunion pain

Shoe company offers solution to more than one problem affecting the aging population. 

New shoes may prevent wandering in the elderly, ease bunion pain Within the next month, caretakers and family members of elderly individuals with dementia may be able to obtain peace of mind thanks to a new type of shoe that has a global positioning satellite (GPS) technology built in.

The shoe company Aetrex Worldwide has teamed up with Omnilink Systems, the maker of a tracking solution made specifically for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, and GPS company GTX Corp to develop 3,000 pairs of the shoes.

In a New York Times blog post, author Paula Span spoke to senior housing program director Andrew Carle, who reportedly broached the idea with GTX Corp, which had originally thought of developing the shoes for children.

"I pointed out why this was an ideal technology for people with dementia who wander," said Carle, quoted by the news source. "Little kids can carry cellphones with GPS. We have far more seniors wandering off every day who don’t call for help."

Other than the GPS technology, there doesn’t appear to be anything fancy about the sneakers. This may make them suitable for individuals with another condition of aging: bunions. Senior who don't want to undergo bunion surgery may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics, which have been known to help correct the deformities.

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