100-year-old man may need bunion splints for his 101st birthday

A century-old man just finished his eighth marathon in Toronto.

100 year old running an may need splintIf aging and running can both exacerbate the development of bunions, then Fauja Singh may want to consider investing in some bunion splints or orthotics. The 100-year-old man recently crossed the finish line of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, coming in last but breaking records nonetheless. 

The man, originally from India, began running the 26.2-mile races at age 89 after the loss of his wife and son, according to media reports. A healthy lifestyle helped Singh get through his grief and achieve an impressive level of fitness for his age.

"I have said it before: that I will carry on running, as it is keeping me alive," said Singh, quoted on the marathon's website.

While running, he sported a yellow turban and a t-shirt that read "Sikhs in the City," and came in with a finish time of 8:25:17.

Hopefully Singh is making efforts to preserve his foot health, such as wearing proper shoes. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that arch support is key to preventing foot conditions, like fallen arches, bunions or hammer toe.

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