Bunions may provide an excuse for oversized handbags

An estimated one-third of women carry flats in their purses for relief from high heels. 

Bunions may provide an excuse for oversized handbags An article in the Daily Mail reports that 81 percent of women are willing to deal with foot pain for fashionable shoes, and apparently one in three is willing to tote around an extra pair of shoes for when the going gets tough. 

The news source got its statistics from a survey conducted by UK shoe company Hotter Shoes.

"The research highlights the amount of pain women encounter in uncomfortable shoes but shows they are willing to do something about it - logically shoes that look good and feel fantastic are the answer," said company spokesperson Lisa McCarten.

While flats seem like the obvious answer, this may not be so. According to a report on the blog Fitsugar, these compact shoes provide little to no arch support, which may mean trouble for bones and ligaments in the feet, potentially exacerbating bunions.

Instead, ladies may want to look for a shoe with a stable heel no higher than 1.5 inches and a wide toe box to accommodate any bony deformities.

Women with bunions or hammer toe should also consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which are known to help correct the conditions without the need for painful bunion surgery


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