Fashion Week is hard on models' feet

The ladies who strut their stuff on the runways in New York, Paris and Milan seem to have glamorous lives, but wait till you have a look at their feet. 

Fashion Week is hard on models' feet An article in the Daily Mail catches the eye due to photographs of bruised, bandaged and bloodied feet. But the report is not of a violent assault. It reveals the beating that models' feet take during the series of fall Fashion Weeks. 

"At Louis Vuitton, ankles were marked and scarred, toes a deep purple and yellow, many heels bruised shades of brown and green. Unsightly plasters protected raw heels at Erdem in London and cuts and scabs paraded a tally of runway walks like war wounds," according to the news source.

It may be no wonder that many models, such as Iman and Naomi Campbell, develop foot conditions like bunions and hammer toe. Walking around regularly in high heels is known to place undue pressure on the forefoot, which can throw the metatarsophalangeal joint out of place.

Perhaps instead of Marc Jacobs bags and Christian Louboutin shoes, these models should be investing in another type of accessory: the bunion splint. The devices are known to help reduce the appearance of bunion without the need for bunion surgery

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