Bunion splints may be effective as part of a physical therapy routine

October is Physical Therapy Awareness Month, which may have some thinking about bunion correction.

Bunion splints may be effective as part of a physical therapy routine Bunions have the potential to significantly alter the way a person walks, which can lead to other foot conditions as well as a host of lower extremity problems, from sprained ankles to knee pain. As a result, the bony deformity can be much more than a cosmetic issue. 

In honor of Physical Therapy Awareness Month, Alpha Orthotics is recommending different ways in which its award-winning Bunion Aid splint and orthotics can assist bunion sufferers in regaining full and proper movement of the feet.

People may find that after wearing an orthotic device for about a month, their landing mechanics begin to improve. This is an important step in preventing the advancement of bunions, since pronation and other biomechanical imbalances have been named as causes of the deformity.

Additionally, bunion splints or orthotics can be useful tools in preparing the foot before bunion surgery, as well as helping it heal properly following an operation. The devices work by distributing pressure evenly and holding the metatarsophalangeal joint in place. 

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