Trail running may be more enjoyable sans bunions

Running on uneven terrain poses challenges for people with bunions. 

Trail running may be more enjoyable sans bunions It's fall, and that means lush, vibrant orange and red leaves, as well as cool breezes that are perfect to keep runners comfortable as they work up a sweat. While the thought of getting out on the trails may seem like a welcoming idea, individuals with bunions may have some concerns. 

Running with bunions on its own can be tricky, since the bony deformities may throw off landing mechanics and also throb with pain. Add a dirt trail dotted with protruding tree roots and unexpected dips in elevation, and you've got yourself a disaster in the making for individuals with advanced bunions.

However, it may still be possible to enjoy the beauty of nature while running with bunions. Individuals should first seek out a good pair of shoes that don't aggravate their deformity. Additionally, good arch support is key in alleviating bunion pain and ensuring an aligned stride.

When you can, try to walk the trail first to note any extreme obstacles. Otherwise, just keep a sharp eye out ahead of you to avoid having to make any sudden changes in stride or foot landing, as this may lead to injury or falls. 


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