Bunions may cause poor posture

The ill effects of bunions often travel upward. 

Bunions may cause poor posture It's known that bunions can have a detrimental effect on a person's landing mechanics and, in turn, increase the likelihood of a host of lower extremity problems. Now, a Daily Mail article suggests that this may also lead to poor posture. 

The news source states that chronic bad posture can lead to pain and hindered mobility. One cause of poor form is pronation, or splayed feet, which is often associated with bunions.

"Stiffness in the hips can also cause people to adopt a splayed out walking style. Foot problems, such as bunions, can make matters worse by forcing you to alter the way you walk," said physical therapist Carolyn Hewison, quoted by the news source.

TopEndSports.com supports the theory that posture and bunions are interconnected. According to the website, the curvature of a person's back is often dictated by how they hold their head or how they move their feet.

As a result, correcting bunions or hammer toe using bunion splints or orthotics may do more than correct bony deformities. It may also help improve posture. 


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