Man arrested for random acts of toe-sucking

An Arkansas man - who potentially had bunions - was recently put in jail for his lewd public behavior. 

Man arrested for random acts of toe-sucking According to media reports, a man in Arkansas was recently arrested for repeatedly harassing women about wanting to suck their toes. In one case, he even threatened a violent dismembering to get to the desired appendages. 

Michael Robert Wyatt, 50, was picked out of a line-up at the Conway Police Department. He was described by one of his targets as having "really messed up feet."

"The man...approached them in local stores commenting on their feet and asking to suck their toes," said police spokesperson LaTresha Woodruff.

Wyatt has earned himself the nickname "Toe Suck Fairy" for his crimes, which involved impersonating a podiatrist to get to one woman's feet and approaching an 83-year-old female on a park bench, taking her shoes off and sucking on her toes against her will. He served one year in prison in the early 1990s for threatening to cut off a cashier's feet.

It remains unknown how much - if any - time Wyatt will serve for his crimes. However, he should consider investing in some bunion splints to wear during his time in the slammer. 


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