UK dancer talks bunions with the Daily Mail

Dancers often have perfect figures and flawless rhythm of movement - but wait until the shoes come off.

UK dancer talks bunions with the Daily Mail Ola Jordan is a star on Britain's Strictly Come Dancing and recently released her own 2012 calendar, which features the 28-year-old dancer clad in little else but lingerie and towering peep toe pumps. 

She told the Daily Mail that she sometimes lacks confidence in her physical appearance, largely due to the condition of her feet.

"There are a lot of things I’d love to change, especially my skin which gets lots of horrible spots. And my feet, which are ugly dancer’s feet with bunions," Jordan said, quoted by the news source.

According to Clinics in Sports Medicine, dancing likely is not the root cause of bunions, but it can make the hereditary deformity worse. The organization reports that conservative treatments may be the best course of action in treating the deformity in dancers, because bunion surgery can hinder movement in the foot.

As a result, dancers like Jordan may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which are known to help correct bunions or hammer toe without the need for painful bunion surgery. 

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