Bunions can sometimes be confused with gout

Hallux valgus and the form of inflammatory arthritis known as gout share some similarities.

Bunions can sometimes be confused with gout A recent study that was conducted at AUT University in New Zealand reveals that poor choices of footwear can exacerbate pain stemming from gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis in which crystallized uric acid accumulates in the joints. 

Authors of the research said the main problems were a lack of cushioning and support. Coincidentally, these issues can also make bunion pain worse. MSN Health reports that this is not the only similarity between gout and bunions.

The news source reports that the two conditions can sometimes be confused, as they both affect the toe joint and lead to stiffness or immobility. However, there are some differences as well.

Bunions are a gradual deformity, while gout pain is often felt suddenly. Also, inflammation from gout tends to come and go, while hallux valgus is persistent. Lastly, a bunion is likely to cause a bony protrusion on the inner side of the foot, while gout does not.

Individuals with bunions may be able to non-invasively reduce the appearance of their condition with bunion splint or orthotics. 

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