How to cure a hangover from fall's towering boots

Much like arms, legs and abs may be sore the day after an intense workout, feet and calves tend to feel beat after a day of heel-wearing - especially for those with bunions. 

How to cure a hangover from fall's towering boots The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that high heels can exacerbate bunions and hammer toe. Regardless, women continue to don towering footwear in the face of their bony deformities, often leading to a high heel hangover. 

According to the seemingly shoes-obsessed Daily Mail, ladies may be going easier on their bunions by regularly wearing low- to mid-height heels. This way, their calves and feet will be somewhat used to the abuse and not experience as much pain after wearing platforms or stilettos.

Additionally, the news source recommended choosing heels that fit well. This may entail avoiding pointy-toed shoes for ladies with bunions, but rather going for a round or square shape.

Perhaps getting to the root of bunions and hammer toe would be a better plan. Women can do this by wearing bunion splints or orthotics, which have been shown to reduce the appearance of the condition without the need for painful bunion surgery

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