New shoe promises an aligned stride

Runners with misaligned landing mechanics may develop bunions as a result, but a new shoe may provide relief. 

New shoe promises an aligned stride It's recommended that individuals with bunions choose footwear with a wide or flexible toe box and good arch support. But a shoe that may help the wearer obtain better landing mechanics is rarely mentioned, which may be an oversight considering that pronation and other misalignments may be at the root of bunions. 

Footwear company Brooks Sports has announced the launch of a line of sneakers called PureProject meant to help runners improve their stride. The company's CEO said they focus on running only when developing their shoes.

"This singular purpose gives us incredible insight into what runners really want, and we know they are interested in a technically-sound, lightweight shoe that allows them to feel more with less," said Jim Weber.

Runners with bunions should test out a number of different shoes to see which suits them best. Additionally, they should consider using bunion splints or orthotics, which can help correct the bony deformity without the need for invasive surgery. 


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