News source incorrectly states cause of bunions

A recent news website in India erroneously reports that bunions are caused by germs. 

News source incorrectly states cause of bunions According to the Mayo Clinic, bunions are a deformity of the big toe joint, caused by imbalanced landing mechanics, genetics, injury or the continual wear of high heel or pointy-toed shoes.

As a result, it may have raised a few eyebrows when India’s Daily News and Analysis reported that germ-ridden footwear can cause the bony deformity.

The news source quoted a spokesperson from a “leading shoe brand” for tips on how to clean footwear, and what they got was misinformation.

“Wet and sticky feet can give rise to monsoon foot diseases like the Bunion and Ringworm,” said Payal Kothari, quoted by the news source.

While it’s true that soggy shoes certainly won’t help bunions, and may even cause calluses to become infected, there is no way that germs or wetness can cause bunions or their common neighbor, hammer toe.

Individuals with bunions should stick to advice from credible sources on how to reduce the appearance of their protrusions. Additionally, they may want to try out bunion splints or orthotics, which may help them avoid painful and expensive bunion surgery.


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