Does John Leguizamo have a bunion?

While men are less likely to develop bunions than women, they can still develop the bony deformities - just ask John Leguizamo. 

Does John Leguizamo have a bunion? Advice on preventing or correcting bunions or hammer toe is often aimed at women, since the conditions are more common among this gender due to high heels and hereditary factors, according to 

However, they do occur in men, even famous ones.

Recently, John Leguizamo spoke with the Los Angeles Wave about his one-man show titled "Ghetto Klown." During the interview, he let an interesting fact slip out as he played on a metaphor about helping other comics get their foot in the door of show business.

"I’ve stuck my foot out there and the door has closed on my foot a few times. I’ve got some bruises on my toe and my bunion to prove it, but I feel really proud of it," the actor told the news source.

Men who are too embarrassed by their bony deformity to talk about it or go to a podiatrist have the option of purchasing corrective bunion splints or orthotics online. 

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