Individuals with bunions may be in need of support

While bunion pain may be enough to have people seeking a support group, individuals with the bony deformity may need support in a more literal sense. 

Individuals with bunions may be in need of support One known cause of bunions is pronation, in which an individual walks with their toes pointed outward, leading to an imbalance of pressure on the arches. Eventually, the tendons and ligaments that connect the foot together begin to loosen, leading to bunion and fallen arches. 

"Restoring the natural architecture of the foot, by realigning the bones that make up the arches, allows for the proper nerve, blood and energy flow to resume," according to a report by the Multicare Physician Group published in the Sioux City Journal.

The experts at Alpha Orthotics report that bunions may be corrected by supporting all three of the foot's arches: the medial longitudinal, lateral longitudinal and the transverse arch.

Bunion splints and orthotics work to distribute pressure among all three structures, thereby alleviating stress in any weakened joints or tendons. These devices have the added benefit of helping users avoid bunion surgery, which is costly and comes with risks. 


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