Is Oprah airbrushing her bunions?

The Queen of Daytime has been accused of photoshopping out her bunions.

Is Oprah airbrushing her bunions? This is not the first time that someone has hinted that Oprah gives herself a little digital help when appearing on the cover of O Magazine, but this time, the focus has turned to her feet.

The October cover of the talk show host’s publication features herself and Rosie O’Donnell in a red and gold extravaganza, with Oprah looking slim and spectacular in a satin gown and Rosie partially hidden behind a curtain, wearing some metallic combat boots.

After viewing the cover, O’Donnell accused Oprah of being digitally altered to look thinner in comparison to the robust actress. In the midst of the controversy, blog noticed that there was perhaps some tweaking of the daytime personality’s famously bunioned feet.

“They even retouched her feet to make them look like those of a foot model, while her real feet look almost deformed with crooked bunion toes!” according to the blog.

According to, the host’s bunions were exposed by paparazzi. Since then, she’s come out as a bunion sufferer, even making the the topic of discussion with her in-house medical expert, Dr. Oz.

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