Some heels cost far more than bunions

Business Insider recently compiled a list of the most expensive shoe stores in the U.S. 

Some heels cost far more than bunions Women take their shoes seriously. Some even go to the lengths of spending hundreds of dollars on towering heels and wedges, only to risk developing bunions and hammer toe.

Recently, Business Insider ranked the top 10 shoe stores in the U.S. that are most likely to make ladies shell out a month’s rent on a pair of luxury footwear.

Third on their list was Capretto Shoes in South Miami. The average purchase made at the store amounts to about $958, according to the news source. The store’s Facebook site boasts some luxurious-looking suede Brian Atwood pumps with studded heels.

Number two may come as no surprise to Sex and the City fans: Manolo Blahnik’s New York City shop. On average, customers spend about $963 at this iconic store.

The top spot goes to a designer who has been in the news recently because of a failed lawsuit over his trademark red soles. Christian Louboutin’s Dallas store boasts an average transaction of $1,108.

After spending all that cash on some towering heels, ladies may be in need of some considerably less expensive bunion splints or orthotics. The devices are known to reduce the appearance of the bony deformities without the need for pricey bunion surgery


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