Do fall shoes really mean relief for the bunion-inflicted?

Summer is over, and that means no more strappy sandals. But is this good news or bad?

Do fall shoes really mean relief for the bunion-inflicted? While flip flops, gladiator sandals and strappy kitten heels may have made you a little self-conscious about your bunions or hammer toe, at least they provided ample room for the deformities. 

Fall has arrived, and so have new models of pointy-toed boots, towering ankle booties and closed-toe pumps. On the Huffington Post blog, podiatrist Steve Rosenberg lets readers know why this may be a bad thing for people with foot conditions.

"Closed shoes can aggravate the lumps and bumps on your feet such as hammer toes and bunions. Hammer toes increase the chances of developing corns and calluses on the tops or bottoms of your feet," Rosenberg wrote for the news source.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that people with bunions should seek out footwear with solid arch support and a wide toe box. Also, it does not hurt to have feet measured to be sure you're wearing the correct size, since many women are not.

You may also want to consider adding bunion splints or orthotics to your fall shopping list, since they may help prevent or correct bony deformities without the need for bunion surgery

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