Lawsuit ensues over bunion-aggravating shoe design

Shoe company Vibram recently filed a lawsuit against Fila claiming patent infringement.

Lawsuit ensues over bunion-aggravating shoe designAside from being rather hideous, the relatively new models of minimalist shoes designed to compartmentalize the toes - as if in some kind of foot glove - likely cause great discomfort to people with bunions who cannot fit their foot inside the allotted big toe space. 

As a result, it's a bit surprising that someone wanted to copy the design. However, Fila did, and now Vibram is suing the company over it.

"The patents involved cover footwear having individually articulable pockets for each toe, as embodied in Vibram's enormously successful FiveFingers branded footwear that has helped to pioneer minimalist footwear, the barefoot running trend, and its inherent benefits," said Vibram president Tony Post.

Post alleges that Fila did not consult with the company over use of the design, resulting in a potential infringement over Fila's Skele-toes shoes.

A spokesperson from Fila has denied any allegations, and said the company's shoe is just another in a market of minimalist shoes.

Individuals who have had their bunions burned by any variation of gloved shoe may want to consider using bunion splints or orthotics to help correct their condition. 

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