Use RICE to treat bunion pain

A commonly used acronym to relieve pain stemming from overuse or injury may be helpful to individuals with bunions. 

Use RICE to treat bunion pain When an individual experiences injury in an extremity, they are often told by doctors to give it rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE). 

Rest may not be very effecitve for bunion suffers, considering their injury is not temporary but hereditary and progressive, meaning that individuals would be required to rest indefinitely. However, it may be a good piece of advice to wear a bunion splint when resting to make the most of the minutes spent watching television or lounging.

The Bunion Aid by Alpha Orthotics may come in especially handy here since it has a hinged design for short trips to the kitchen or bathroom.

Icing the affected toe may provide relief from pain, redness and swelling, specifically after a strenuous day. Just wrap an ice pack in a thin towel and hold or strap onto bunions or hammer toe for about 20 minutes. If more icing is needed, wait 40 minutes before repeating.

Bunion splints may also help with the compression part, as they hold the bones in place with an elastic strap, which may help control swelling.

Lastly, elevating the affected foot at the end of a long workday may help keep swelling under control. Feet should be raised above the heart level for best results. 

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