New breeds of shoe may lead to foot pain

From sky-high stilettos to roll-up ballet flats, new varieties of footwear may lead to bunions, hammer toe, fallen arches or injury. 

New breeds of shoe may lead to foot pain An article in USA Today reports that new styles of shoes that have emerged over the past couple of years may be causing foot conditions in wearers. 

First, the news source states that a type of ballet flat that has elastic around the top, making it roll up when not on the foot, may be useful for giving feet a break from heels, but provides little to no support for the arches.

Additionally, towering stilettos may be a surefire way to get bunions or hammer toe. However, designs that include a platform in the forefoot may lessen the incline from front to back, taking some pressure off of the ball of the foot, according to the news source.

"If you have a 4-inch heel but also a 1½-inch sole, your foot's closer to the 2-inch heel positioning best for most women," said California podiatrist Michele Colon, quoted by the news source.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that high heels cause bunions or hammer toe by placing undue pressure on the forefoot, potentially forcing the metatarsal joint outward.

Luckily, stiletto-lovers may be able to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe by wearing bunion splints or orthotics.


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