Man undergoes painful hammer toe surgery, walks for charity

A British man had hammer toe surgery in all of his little toes, and now plans to walk 100 miles for charity. 

Man undergoes painful hammer toe surgery, walks for charity Individuals with hammer toe know how difficult walking can be. Moreover, those who have had the surgery - which consists of having metal rods implanted in the toes - know about the pain and healing time involved. 

UK news source Sunderland Echo reported on a man named Shane Marsh who had the operation in all of his small toes, but is now well enough to walk 100 miles to benefit a local children's hospital.

Marsh said one key to healing has been proper footwear.

“In the past it didn’t matter what sort of shoes or boots I wore, they would hurt my feet. Then I found a brand of walking boot which are really comfortable, so I never have them off my feet and I’ve been through three pairs now," Marsh said, quoted by the news source.

Given the risks involved in hammer toe surgery, Marsh should consider himself lucky.

The Podiatry Network recommends using orthotics to help prevent or correct hammer toe in a non-invasive way. Additionally, for individuals with advanced deformities that require an operation, using orthotics post-surgery may ensure proper healing. 


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