Create wattage with your bunions

Researchers are developing a shoe that may generate electricity when the user walks.

Create wattage with your bunions When people walk, each step creates friction and energy of up to 20 watts, according to an article in Science Now. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, are working to develop a shoe that can harvest this power. 

In fact, the news source reported that the scientists have started a company called InStep NanoPower to market and sell the energy-producing footwear. They hope to have the shoes commercially available within the next two years.

The technology consists of a solid plate with electrically conductive liquid on top, sealed with an insulated metal electrode. The device is installed in the bottom of a shoe and connected to a circuit.

The news source noted that the shoes may be able to fully charge a cell phone with the energy from a two-hour walk.

The American Podiatric Medical Association reports that individuals with bunions may not have full range of motion in their forefoot as a result of their bony deformity, which often leads to stiffness.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics may help correct this problem in time for the emergence of NanoPower shoes. 


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