Quality back-to-school shoes may prevent foot pain in kids

Children are not immune to bunions, hammer toe or other foot conditions, so make sure they have good shoes. 

Quality back-to-school shoes may prevent foot pain in kids It's back-to-school time, and while kids may be requesting items like Justin Bieber backpacks or iPads, parents should know that proper, quality footwear is an integral part of helping children avoid foot conditions or injury. 

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is reminding moms and dads of the importance of picking out good shoes for kids.

"A pair of well-made shoes can keep children safe from foot problems such as sprains and strains - both in class and on the playground," said Michael King, D.P.M, president of the APMA. "Checking for three different aspects of a shoe's design makes it easy for parents to distinguish which models are foot-friendly."

First, the APMA recommends looking for shoes with a stiff heel. Second, the toes of the footwear should be bendable to allow free movement of the foot. Third, shoes that can be twisted in the middle are generally not supportive enough.

In addition to preventing injury, choosing good shoes for kids may also help them avoid bunions or hammer toe, which are known to occur in children as young as 10.

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